Making Your Own Sea Anchor

Does anyone know of any plans (dimensions and such) out there for making your own sea anchor? The only one worth considering that I have seen is the one by Feathercraft but it is spendy. They don’t really show a picture to be able to get enough info on trying to build one similar to it.

sea anchor
You can sew your own from canvas or nylon. It will need a ring sewn in the large end of the cone to keep it open and a three point bridle attached to the ring so it tows in the open position. Larger sea anchors have a second line attached to the small end. You use it to trip the sea anchor so you can retrieve it without all the resistance. It is not really necessay with a light boat and a small sea anchor.

I know you can sew your own that is why I am looking for some detailed plans. I know you can make it from canvas but I also think there is better material than that. How long do you sew the canvas or whatever, what is the diameter of the main opening, what size is the small opening, how long is it, do you need to add weights to keep it under, and ect.? There is more to it than just what type of material or the fact that it needs a bridle.

does it have to be conical?
I’m wondering if you could rig one out of a folding bucket… multi-use items are always nice.

Good Idea!
I could also put any heavy extra stuff I happen to have on board in it to help it act more like a real anchor.