Mako XT vs. Think Evo

Is there somebody out there that can comment on the comparison of the Xt ($1,800) vs. the Evo ($2,400)? I’m looking at the fiberglass models and wonder about the speed, stability, built quality, etc? Can you please help!

I paddled the Evo recently and it felt tippy but I’m new to surf skis so I guess the fact that I didn’t fall off means its relatively stable. The quality looked very good. Have not paddled an XT but you may want to contact DeAnne Hemmens at She’s a pretty fair ski paddler and she carries both Fenn and Think boats so she could give you the lowdown on how they compare. There is a review on the Think website.

just did a review of the evo, has some comparision talk with the xt.

Hi talqinpaddler
It’s funny that you should ask. We had both boats together last week. I was picking up the Think from Ben Lawry (P&H) and taking the Think to Bruce Gibson (Venturesport).

The Think is faster, drier, and, I think, more stable. It’s standard layup was ten pounds lighter than Ben’s wife’s XT.

Bruce Gibson just got the one I took to him. Go on the website and look for Venturesport. Bruce is a great guy. He can give you the scoop on both boats as he is now a dealer for both.

Hope that is helpful.

Good luck!


My Wife picked the Evo

Before I had a chance to read your reply, we made a long trip from Tallahassee to Boca Raton … my wife (mini) test paddled the XT and the Evo side by side. I think she fell in love with the looks of the Evo before we went on the trip and she tried much harder … I did not have to ask which one she wants.

I could pull all kind of stunts all weekend … I could not get this big smile of her face since we bought that boat = PRICELESS. The Evo is her first SurfSki coming from a 21" wide sea kayak.

Franklin, are you setup to transport boats around? I have a Mohican from Ted Van Dusen on order (hopefully ready Feb.) that I still have to arrange delivery for. If you can help, please contact me directly via

ted’s boats
your gonna love the mohican, I know ted and his quality is beautiful, I wish I could afford the scratch for a mohican.

Hi talqinpaddler
It’s a small world! Bruce and I were talking about you this morning. I think (THINK) you now have the only Think in the southeast. The next shipment will be in the spring…timing is everything. I hope both you and your wife agree with my short review?

I have a four boat RackNRoll trailer. I am friends with both Ben and Bruce and was just doing a “honey do”.

I hope you and your wife will some day come over and paddle with our club, Go and look at some of our trip reports, it will make you smile.

Congratulations on your new boat. I know your wife is going to really enjoy it.


Pricing on EVO?
Might see if Bruce can move my Mark 1 on consignment or something and apply any $ toward an EVO.

Ski thing just hasn’t been in the cards past couple years (time/commitment lacking) - but not willing to let go of the whole boat/body/blade simplicity and speed/efficiency thing.

I’ve been eying potential future contenders a notch more stable (19" beam group) like the EPIC Sport, Huki R, (tried and XT but didn’t love - may need to try again), and now the EVO reviews have added it to the list. Bruce being a dealer bumps it up to the short list (plus - it’s GREY!). Bucket fit and remount feel being more important though (and can’t get that from reviews). maybe I’ll luck into a demo with all three - but I’m not holding my breath…

Dreaming of a new ski and another go at it might give me some incentive to drop some weight by a Spring shipment.

What does “EVO” mean or stand for anyway? Suppose I could add a D in front, move north, and paddle it wearing a yellow dry suit and plastic flower pot hat. Might have to go for teh more expensive layup then…

i can’t comment on the evo
but have seen one. i find my mako xt to be very stable and easy to paddle for a ski. i would say ditto to the suggestion that you contact the hemmens. i’m sure deanne could tell you how they compare, as they sell both, and she’s a very accomplished surfski paddler