Malacite kevlar canoe value

I inherited a Malacite kevlar canoe mfg in Aug. 1991 (MAD6X518F191-K) . It’s in really good condition, just needs the finish on the ash gunwales to be refurbished. I’m looking for a care and use manual and am also wondering what this craft may be worth.

I’ve always enjoyed the Malecite. It’s a good tandem/solo design.

As far as maintenance is concerned, try to keep the hull clean and put something on it a few times a year that contains some type of UV protectant. Some folks prefer 303. My personal preference is Starbrite Marine Polish with PTEF, but I’m sure there are plenty of other good options. If you can store the boat out of the weather, and preferably out of the sun, the finish will hold up better.

You will want to treat the gunwales with some type of wood oil. A commonly-used one is Watco Teak Oil, which is commonly available at Lowe’s and Home Depot. Make sure that whatever you get is the right kind for outdoor use. I would suggest that you do the Teak Oil application more frequently than you might think is necessary. I used to do mine once a month. I’d rather do it too often than not often enough. It probably depends on how often you take the boat our and whether you store it indoors or outdoors. If it is indoors where it isn’t exposed to the weather it obviously won’t need it as much. Given the age of the boat, I would not be surprised if the gunwales will need several oilings before they are in decent shape, but that obviously depends on their current condition. One tip for while you are oiling - put a strip of wide painter’s tape immediately below the gunwales on both the inside and the outside to catch any drips. It’s hard to get the oil off of the hull once it has set up a bit and it looks better if you don’t leave it on.

As far as value is concerned, that’s a tough question. It used to be that boats were selling at 60-70% of their original retail value. It is much different these days. I have seen many used boats priced noticeably above their original retail value and advertised as rare and highly sought after when they were just run-of-the mill boats when they were being produced. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the value of a used boat can vary a great deal, and ultimately the buyer and the seller are the only folks who can work it out.

Location matters for price. Where is it located?

It’s been stored inside. It’s in San Antonio, Texas right now. My father bought it in Houston, which is where he lived. I don’t know when he bought it or whether it was new or used when he purchased it. He took it out only once or twice that I am aware of. He’s gone now, so I can’t ask about it.
I haven’t decided what I will do with it (keep or sell). Right now I have no way to haul it. I drive a Prius and don’t own a trailer.

The Malecite has a reputation of being a nice tandem canoe, so you might consider looking for a paddling partner and trying it out a bit before deciding whether to keep it or sell it.

I sold mine for $750.

I recently sold a boat to a Prius owner. For hauling a canoe you don’t need a trailer…you can get a roof rack for your Prius. You might look for a used Thule or Yakima rack and even if you have to order a “fit kit” for a Prius your total investment should be way less than a trailer and also less stressful on your vehicle.