Malecite Gold emblems

I’m trying to find the gold emblems for a 1992 Kevlar Malecite. Was told by Mad River that only white are available, would not look too good on a sand colored hull. Had to duplicate the Bunny logo for my 84 fiberglass Malecite, trying to avoid this expense. Any one out there know where I can get a hold of these?

Malecite logos
If yours is a '92, then you have the old, original “rounded” logo. Make sure that what you are buying is this logo and not the newer/current one. If it is the one you want, buy the white logo and take it to any good local sign shop and tell them you want copies of it in “old gold” color. This will match the original MR color most closely. I did this with with a Malecite restoration last year and it worked out great.