malibu kayak problems?

I’m looking to buy my first fishing kayak, and my local dealer sells Malibu Kayaks. They seem of good quality, but I’ve heard some reports of unexplained capsizing and other issues. Anyone out there have any feedback regarding this? Any suggestions for a 6’5" 250 lb. guy wanting a SOT fishing 'yak for Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean, and tidal river fishing? Thanks, y’all!

Unexplained capsizing? Made by

Yeah the sponsons are defective …

unexplained capsizing???
How do you capsize a Malibu? I had an eXtreme and could almost walk around on the thing. Someone’s feeding you a bunch of ****.

Get a Malibu and you’ll be happy.

Unexplained capsizing?
Or red-faced paddler that didn’t want to admit they had tried something less than wise?

capsizing malibu
they claimed it happened a couple times whilst sitting still (in relatively calm water, I think), rigging a line

That dog don’t hunt
Something that starts out in balance, even on the surface of the water, is not going suddenly and dramatically go out of balance unless a force is exerted to make that happen. Either these guys shifted their weight badly, and maybe already had the boat loaded off-balance so that it didn’t take a lot, or something like a wave or boat wake hit the boat and they stiffened up rather than letting the boat absorb the motion.

There is an argument to be had that, if a sudden capsize is a very alarming thing to someone, they shouldn’t be out on the water to start with. But if the only issue is inexplicable reports of capsizes, I doubt that goes to the boat.

Hey Druminator!
Can you get me a Malibu to test at the store? Does someone in the state sell them?

How much did he drink beforehand? It’s kinda hard falling off a 33"+ wide kayak. Unless you’re the kind of person that falls off a couch often…

Outer Banks
Frank, someone sells them on the OBX somewhere. I don’t think it’s Kitty Hawk Kites. I’ve tried getting our shop to carry them but we are unable to unfortunately.

thanks for the assurances, guys. I’ll not cross Malibu off my potential brands list! 'specially since they seem to have great weight capacities, and are decently priced.

tip it
Tried eXtreme, XFactor, ProExplorer, and miniX. 6’2" 325. I liked the eXtreme best. Lo profile and lots of room. Its really stable and can carry lots of weight. Since you have a local dealer, try to arrange a demo!