Malibu Kayaks

I recently took a trip out west to paddle the san juan river. During this trip I experienced some issues with by boat taking on water. Upon return, I called Malibu kayaks, explained my situation. I received a call back last night from the owner/president of malibu kayaks to discuss the problems I had. He suggested a few things, helped me understand a few other finer points, and sent me a repair kit and upgrade kit at no cost to me. When I got to work this morning, UPS had already sent me a tracking number for the parts. I was most impressed by the level of service from malibu and would recommend them to anyone. especially if you are looking for a fishing yak.

Cobra & Native Watercraft - the same …
… most of these companies will do this for you. I’ve had similar emails/calls from Cobra and they are quick to help you when you have kayak issues. I find the kayak industry to be one of the nicest, most helpful idustries out there and top levels of the company are usually the ones you are talking to.

If only all customer service was handled in this manner.

Hey … maybe they should be the next folks running or country. Never mind - I like kayaking better!

With both Malibu and Cobra
I know people who had there kayak replaced by the companies, no hassle. Overall, Native does a good job, but they can be icky about the skeg on the Ultimate. They’ll repair it once and then call if a user problem.