Malibu Mini X and fishing

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I'm considering this kayak for fishing smaller lakes(250 acres or less). I weigh about 235, it's rated for 325 lbs, and I take very little gear with me. Is this a good choice as far as tracking, stability? I like the light weight, and that it will fit in my van. The reviews I've read have been very good. Thanks.

I haven’t paddled one myself, but it is among the kayak models that I call “pedigreed” for that kind of fishing. I weigh more than you, and have paddled 10’ SOT kayaks, even slightly shorter ones, and it worked OK. A lot of people have used that model for that purpose and liked it.

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Mini X

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Thanks Big D. I have a 10' "Lifetime" Sportfisher SOT kayak now, but I need to return it due to a defect/damage. The Mini X is only about 9" shorter, so I think the length will be OK. You don't think the weight capacity will be a problem? I weigh about 90 lbs. less than the weight capacity. Unfortunately, the closest Malibu dealer is 160 miles from me, so I can't try one out.

I really don’t.
My experience is that SOTs are generally under-rated for the weight they can carry. If you’re under - and well under - the claimed capacity, I have confidence that you’ll be OK.

It will be a slow paddling boat. Length = speed, so lack of length = lack of speed. That’s not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to fishing. I like low and slow.

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