Malibu Pro Explorer Standard Question

I’m looking at getting a left over 2011/2012 Malibu Pro Explorer standard, with no hatches. My question is, I see on Malibu’s site they sell the gator hatch for $124, does that include the gasket kit or is that just a replacement lid only? If not, where can I buy the gasket kit?

I don’t know about Malibu, but when
I’ve mailed or called Necky about similar questions, I’ve gotten good advice.

The slow response to your post shows that pnetters don’t know anything about your boat or about hatch kits for it. Malibu will know, or if they don’t, I’d sell the boat and get something else.

I called and spoke to Milo at Malibu today. He said the $124 lid on their site didn’t come with the gasket, but he thought they could include it for around $15. I had about decided I could make it work with some Trim-Lok gasket from Tom’s anyway.

I called back, and the kayaks were sold, so I won’t be taking on this project.