Malibu/Santa Monica Kayak Scene

I am moving to LA and looking to connect with a kayak club that is racing oriented. I would also need to build my skills in surf. Can anyone suggest any organizations there?


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California Kayak Friends (

They have a large presence around Ventura/Oxnard and down around Orange County. I don't know that many are racers per se though they may join in a few popular ones. Some folks play in the surf and other dynamic waters next to the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard. I myself in Orange County often make trips to San Onofre which is an excellent paddlers surf break just south of Orange County.

Where are you moving from?


Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Clubs
I’m not aware of any racing oriented kayak clubs out here, but there are Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing clubs up and down the California coast, including in Ventura and Redondo Beach. You might want to check them out. I’ve seen them race. These guys are intense.