Malibu X-13 question


New to forum. Looking at purchasing the Malibu X-13 SOT kayak. Have read some of the hatches have leaking issues. Can anyone tell me, does the center hatch open (when the dry bag is removed) into the entire hull? Are there scupper holes down there in case water gets in? Thanks much and apologies in advance is this was posted already (couldn’t find the thread).

A hatch area enclosed w lid for storage
will not have scupper holes for drainage. It will have a little drain plug type thing on top, at one end, for when the kayak is turned over, to get any water out that accidentally got into it, or you can sponge it out.

Scupper holes are “self draining” for getting water off the top of the kayak without having to do anything, including where you sit or open hatches sans covers. Draining the interior is more of a ritual where you unscrew the little plug, turn her over, and tilt it a bit and wait, then use the sponge anyway. Let kayak interior finish drying by evaporation with hatches opened.

Not sure about that model but my old Ocean kayak has a big interconnected interior space. For a lot of wave/splash, Carry Sponge, Use Drybag. Not too much leakage and it has the sorta silly straps and rigid covers and I don’t know HOW those hatches don’t leak more. I am talking maybe the worst I’ve seen is a half cup of water total after some serious bouncing around. Put 2 pieces of pool noodle under the dry bag in the hatch, to keep it off the floor, if you want.

If you’re worried about it, keep in mind, everything leaks anyway when you least expect it, fancy or basic or state of the art model kayak, so assume anything you REALLY want to keep dry is bagged or double bagged in a heavy duty ziplock baggie and a dry bag, waterproof pouch, or little drybox.



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I was considering the Malibu X-13 because of the hatches for kayak touring. Their website lists the weight as 60 lb. but I saw a review that listed it as heavier. I downloaded the owners manual and found in small print "the angler model weighs 74 lb." I was curious about the difference in weights so I called Malibu. The gal that answered the phone was clueless and said that the X-13 only comes in an angler model, so she didn't know why the website lists it at 60 lb and the owners manual as 74 lb. She took my phone number and said she would have the sales rep call me. Never got a call back, or a reply to emails. Since I was looking for a SOT kayak at 60 or so pounds, and never got a reply, I crossed it off my list. Bummer, since the price is decent and I could get free shipping through West Marine locally. The size, boat weight, hatches, and listed weight capacity looked like a good fit for me.

I currently paddle a Necky SOT that has a front & small rear hatch. So far, I've had no interior leakage, even in a small class 2 rapid. I do keep all gear in dry bags if it can't get wet.