Mallows Bay Question

Has anyone paddled mallows bay? My wife and I have open cockpit rec yaks. Hers pelican trailblazer 10’. Mine perception angler 10.5. Neither has flotation installed. Was wondering if paddling there would be acceptable. We paddle lakes all around York County PA and some of the creeks. InalwYs figured if I swamp it I’ll just swim back or have someone tow me!

Yontz- you may get answers to your questions by posting this on the Chesapeake Paddlers Association forum. They are local to that area.
Good luck, be safe-


Isn’t there a launch right there at Mallows Bay? The Potomac is a big open body of water there, but Mallows is a bit sheltered. Winds from the west might get it rocking in there, but would also blow you back to the shore from which you launched, so wear a pfd and you’ll probably survive.

Floatation is a great idea. Add some and then don’t worry about it.

For readers that never heard of it, Mallows is a small bay off the Potomac in Charles County, Maryland. Many ships were scuttled there. Wikipedia says Mallows is home to the “largest shipwreck fleet in the Western Hemisphere.” So, it is a popular destination for paddlers.