Malone Autoloader & QCC500

Is anyone carrying a 500 with Malone Autoloaders? I recently saw a set and was tempted to buy them, but got cold feet since I could not compare them to the profile of my boat.


Carry a,
700 on them, fit is good, should be ok with the 500, as a wider boat will fit fine.


I have a QCC 600 on mine
I was originally happy with them until I saw my QCC move sharply when a truck went by! I have got to tie down the bow and stern- way too risky! I might get another rack to carry the QCC upright and use the other Malone for my Dagger. My Dagger loves it!

Bow & stern lines
Heavens Woman! Roaring down the highway with your precious QCC and no bow/stern lines? You have more faith than I do, and I have lots of faith in my ability to attach a boat to the roof. I figured that the Malones would allow more movement, but I’m a belt & suspendors kind of guy when it comes to car-topping.


I haven’t needed to use,
bow and stern lines with mine, just run an addl. line around the boat just ahead of the front rack to the opposite rail and another line just behind the rear rack around the boat also to the opposite rail. This is less stressfull on the boat and is very secure with no movement.


It’s not about need so much as
it’s about back-up and overall stability. Bow/Stern ties give one more level of security and help limit excess moment that can stress the rack/harware/hull. The bow and stern ties don’t really hold the boat and are not supposed to be very tight.

I’m sure I could do without too, even on my Neon - but not gonna try it. The under 14’ Venture goes without though.

Malone Autoloaders again
The weather in WV was pretty decent this past weekend. I paid my dues to the outdoor gods by helping to build a hiking/mtn biking trail in the local state forest Saturday, and got to play on the water Sunday (finally).

Thanks to all of you who gave a thumbs up to the Malones. My QCC 500 fits well, almost custom-quality, and with bow & stern lines actually seemsto be MORE stable than my old saddles/HullyRoller set-up. I may add some additional padding, but for now all seems OK.

I also installed a Yakima BoatLoader extension to aid in the loading, and it works well too.

Added bonus: With the boat onedge, the rear hatch of my Suby Outback opens higher.