Malone HandiRack Inflatable Rack

Has anyone used the Malone HandiRack Inflatable Universal Roof Top Rack for Canoes? What did you think of it? Will it hold up very long? I see they are on sale for $89.00 at Amazon. I’m thinking of buying one to put my Clipper Sea 1 or my Nova Craft Cronje on the roof of my Honda Civic to save gas. Tell me what you know. Thanks!

Dun’t know about de racks…
but de product videeo be a hoot… ah’ hear tell de young lady has a fancy fer canooists waarin’ Tillys.


I’ve had a couple sets
They are good solid construction and have outstanding customer service. When I posted here that the first set had leaked at the inflation stem after several years and the second set only lasted a couple years. One of their people asked that I contact them. When we spoke he asked me to return both sets for replacement. I am working from an ever shortening memory but I believe Malone racks now has the import rights but I don’t think they did when I bought the first set, but they still replaced both.

I feel I got more than my moneys worth.


Inflatable Roof Rack
Used it for a year. Works very well. Pump that comes with it is rinky dink and is hard to use. I kept mine inflated in the garage. The only problem is that I began to notice small indentations to the roof of my Accord. I eventually put in hard racks.

Does your car have side curtain airbags?
If so, according to Malone’s website, you shouldn’t use this product. A friend of mine had to return hers for that reason.

Also, not sure if they were Malone, but during a shuttle last week I rode with someone who had an inflatable rack with straps that go through the car, and in a heavy rain the straps wicked water into the car.

The video is cute, though, very creative.

Not the TIlly
"ah’ hear tell de young lady has a fancy fer canooists waarin’ Tillys."

No No that rumor was started by some tilly wearer. She’s go a soft spot for guy’s in yellow canoes. :slight_smile: