Malone Handirack

Anyone tried it? I just got rid of my Civic, and dont want a permanent rack on my Jetta (fuel efficiency, scratches, etc). Malones contraption looks promising, I just wonder about it scratching the roof.

Don’t mind the commercial on the site, it reminds me of the one for Dunder Mifflin Infinity in the Office.

Dat video is great…
full of dat subtle British humour an’ innuendoos. De young lady kin’ inflate me racks anytime she wishes…


I’ve got one
It works…okay. Never used it for hauling kayaks though. After installing it I got a bit nervous and decided to pay up for a proper Thule rack. Now this sits in my trunk as an emergency rack, in case mine or someone else’s falls apart.

Roof Rack Myths
Some people, my former self included, claim that roof racks effect gas mileage. However, no one can back it up. Here is scientifically collected data that disproves the myth that a roof rack (and in their example a rack and luggage box) will greatly influence gas mileage.

I used the Handirack for a single trip as the topper for my new truck was installed the day I was supposed to leave. I didn’t have time to install a rack, so I went with the Handirack.

It works, it works great. But very important to have two bow and two stern lines. With 6 tie downs, nothing moved and no damage. It also was easy to load as I could slide the boat across the roof which you cannot do with foam blocks. I was quite satisfied with the product, but I’ll never use it over a solid rack if I have the option. A good rack just doesn’t compare.

Truck with Handirack:


Roof race effects MY gas mileage

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I'm spastic- at a majority of my fill ups, I check my milage. I've gone as far as taking mental notes of how I've driven, what driving I've done, etc.

I can almost tell you after a few days of driving, what my gas mileage will be.

My roof rack definately causes a 1mpg-2mpg decrease.

I carried a piece of luggage on the top of my car for a 8hr trip. It caused a 6mpg-7mpg decrease.

Scientifically or not - I've got enough time checking that it's proof enough for me.

That said, I went with a Thule removable rack. I considered the Malone rack and almost bought it, but I got a steal of a deal on the Thule stuff.

I agree
I had a Honda Civic.

With Yakima rack: 29-32 MPG

Without yakima rack: 34-36 MPG

I do mostly highway driving. This would equate to about a 10% decrease. My neighbor has a Ford Focus and has observed a 10% decreas as well.

Aside from pure issues of fuel efficiency, it scatched the heck out of my roof, and if it rained hard, I would get water in the back making the car smell. I know the Handirack will cause the same leak problem, but since it is only on temporarily I’ll live with it and plan accordingly.

scratches and fuel efficiency
Anything that moves has potential to rub in dirt and scratch your paint…maybe you could put towels between the inflatable rack and your roof.

A rack should decrease fuel efficiency to some (perhaps very small) degree based on physics (drag force = air density times frontal area times shape factor times vehicle velocity) and a rack adds a small amount of frontal area plus a naked rack can only hurt your shape factor by breaking up the airflow and creating more turbulence behind the vehicle…which means a bigger lower pressure area and more drag. You don’t see many airplanes with racks on them.