Malone HandiRack

Hi All…Does anyone have any experience with the Malone HandiRack inflatable roof top carriers?

This would work well on my KIA Rio it the product is any good. Thank you for any info.

great for travel
I’ve used them on a rental car, and they are a clever product for that purpose.

But I wouldn’t use them in lieu of a permanent rack.

I used them a lot on a pickup
with a T-bar in back. They can drip into the car if it rains. Their customer service is excellent. Like Nate I still keep a set for travelling. Don’t leave them fully inflated on a sunny day they can split, half full they’re fine…



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Another similar
product is the Sea to Summit Traveller Soft Rack. Takes foam block-age up a notch.

I’ve found it works best with sea kayaks deck down. The rack doesn’t really care what it carries so it’ll work for SUP (in larger size) snowboards, etc.

See you on the water,


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