Malone Micro Sport Trailers

I’m thinking about one of these… Anyone of you heard anything good or bad about these? I’m thinking about getting the one that will hold 2 or 4 kayaks.

Thanks in advance


malone micro sport
I purchased one of these through Amazon just before Labor Day last year. I was inspired after reading a review on from someone who had assembled one and said “if I can do it, anyone can”. I took him literally, even though the biggest thing I had ever assembled before this was a flatbed dolly, four bolts and done. But, I am a believer, and thought “what could possibly go wrong?”. Well, I did get it put together while chanting “never give up, never surrender” (from game show) but it took me three days. I would get so far, then stumble back to my apartment thinking I’ll never figure it out. Then, a moment of clarity would hit, and I’d be back there. I am sure that anyone who has done any type of assembling anything could do it in half a day. But what you probably want to know is “how do you like it?” Short answer is “Love it.” It give me freedom to load my kayak by myself and haul it by myself. Oddly, now that I have it I’ve noticed more people lining up to go with me. Go figure. Hope this helps. I figure I have put close to 500 miles on it in the short time I’ve had it. Will start using it again when the ice worms melt, but for now waiting out winter.

Malone Trailer
I have 4 boats loaded on the trailer in my garage and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Assembly no problem. Good instructions. Friendly service reps if you need help are only a phone call away, Parking can be an issue, just plan accordingly. I get out more because loading is no problem. Buy it …you’ll be glad you did. Cheapest price I found was on Amazon.

Done it

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We ordered one for a customer last summer and I did the build on it. The instructions leave a little to be desired, but there aren't THAT many parts to worry about, so it's pretty straightforward..

The trailer itself seems well-built, in line with other trailers in the same price range. Were I looking for a trailer rather than a rooftop solution, I'd certainly give the Malone serious consideration.

Malone trailer
Have one and love it. I pull mine behind an HHR and don’t even notice it. Building is pretty straight forward though I changed a few things. I didn’t care for the exposed wiring, easily fixed with wire loom. I bought the trailer without the j cradles, folding wasn’t an option then. Takes up extra space standing without folding cradles. I also mounted a roof basket between the bars to get extra load when camping.

Does it bounce?
Does it bounce a lot?

The trailer has a weight limit of 350lbs. I don’t notice any bouncing while trailering. If it does, you could always lower the tire pressure some.

No Bounce…
Have had mine on rutted dirt and gravel roads as well as hundreds of miles of interstate…no problems. 2 seasons of use.

Almost forgot…if you decide to buy one, be sure to get the lift handle(sold separately for about $10). Makes moving easier and it’s great for tying off bow lines while trailering your boats.

for all the information. I think one of these would pull behind my wrangler just perfect.


Wrangler and towing
I used to own a Wrangler and towed a modified snowmobile trailer with it (for sea kayak hauling). The Jeep towed pretty well overall, but you should expect that the tail will wag the dog when there are very strong gusty crosswinds. I had a rough drive home from the central Rockies one time because the wind hitting the side of the long kayak kept whipping the rear of the Jeep around. It was much less of a problem with the long-wheelbase trucks.

Check Out the Instructions
If you want to see what you’re getting into build-wise, you can check out the link below to see the instructions for putting this trailer together before you decide to buy. It took me about half a day to assemble.