Malone racks-VERY sturdy!

If you read my thread about my QCC stress fracture I also wanted to note that the Malone racks were still intact on my factory rack and they would NOT shake either of my yaks even though that d*mn truck tried to! I highly recommend them!

maybe it’s the heat but my 5yr old ones bend down too much with a heavy kayak,90lb double for example so I’ve put a stacker up against it. Either way it’s much, much better than those hull holders.

I’ve also found
That after having them for a few years, the straps seem to loosen up and need to be adjusted sometimes. I’ve never had this happen before. Maybe this is just normal wear and tear, and the straps need to be replaced after a while.


Thanks for the feedback
I may buy a set of their autoloaders to use on a roof rack, if I can adapt them to also work with my trailer crossbars. So far, they are my top candidate.

auot loaders
would these work with a wide rec boat like a WS 145T?

Why Not Call? I did
and the people at Malone are very helpful.


Malone cust serv
I did they were great

Malone racks
I recently purchased a Malone rack to carry my WS Pungo 100, which is 30 inches wide. It seems very secure up there even at 80 mph.

You can get a wide version-
I’m not sure but I think it’s called the J rack-check it out.

Malone J Cradles
I have the “old style” J cradles from Malone and love how they cushion my kevlar boat!!

However, its a bit disturbing that there are just two bolt shafts to keep it steady up there. My 40# boat moves around due to these bolts flexing side to side and I wonder one day if they will fail. I could only imagine having my NordKapp Jubilee (62#) up on it!!

PS - Do use bow/stern tiedowns to help.

A major problem
if your load gets shifted via a transport truck whacking your bike rack…the factory rack broke on my car from that and the bolts put long gouges in my roof paint…

Regarding those gouging bolts, I took the large plastic wingnuts off my Orchard Deluxe J Cradles and noted they work perfectly on my Malones so made the switch. Now my Malones mount/dismount quickly too.

From the look of your profile, you don’t strike me as someone who sweats the small stuff so that accident must not have been good. In fact, you don’t look to sweat any stuff! 400 mile bike rides, swim 6 days a week, scuba dive, etc.

Yikes! I need to work harder just in case I ever paddle with you…