Malone Roof Canoe Carrier


I just learned about the Malone Roof Carry options for canoes. I did check the Accessories Reviews and there was only 1 for the Big Foot, which was from a not so happy camper…

I have an 05 Outback Wagon - everything is stock/factory Subaru roof rack-wise. Money is real tight.

Anyone out there have 1st hand experience with Malones - esp. on Outbacks? I’d appreciate any feedback. thanks!

If you have sturdy, non-pivoting
fore-aft rails like we had on our Outback, and plan to use the rack just for inverted canoes, I would not buy a thing. I would get suitable wood, select non-corroding attachments, and make my own crossbars.

If you have those new pivoting things, I’m out.