Malone Roof Rack Products

Has anyone used or currently use any Malone Roof Rack products? I’m thinking of using the gull wing rack on my Xterra, because of the X’s height & useable roof rack; I didn’t want to add more height with adding a Yakima or Thule rack system. I’ve been eyeing the Malone products, but am hesitant because of not knowing anyone in our club with real world experience with Malone. Any suggestions appreciated.

In a ‘pickle’ in Illinois.

J brackets

I have a friend that uses the J brackets. He likes them. The company has been around for a while. They are much less “clunky” than the Thule/Yakima offerings and they won’t rust.

He did have a problem but Malone replaced them with no problem.

Auto Loaders (Cradles)
I have an Xterra and I have a pair of Malone Auto Loaders, essentially J-cradles, to carry two boats on the roof. I’m short, so I also use their Telos loader system. They have worked well for me.

Telos loader system?
I didn’t realize that Malone’s Telos Loader system was available. The one source I have linked indicates that “they have yet to be released by Malone”.

BTW, what do you think of them? I currently own a pair of Malone Autoloaders (the 2006 version).


your username is …canoer
are you going to be using the gullwing for a kayak?

i prefer the Gullwing (even over the newer seawing) over all other rack pieces out there…i have put hundreds of thule and yakima racks and parts on peoples vehicles and still like Malones better than any other!


Why do you like the Gullwing better than the Seawing?

autoloaders here too
I have the autoloaders (J Cradles) on my thule rack. They are great, I did however replace the straps it came with, with the NRS ones I got from paddling perks a few years back (padded buckles).

I also bent the metal bracket that attached one of the cradles to the rack when I backed into my garage and the garage door wasn’t all the way up :slight_smile: Bent it back and its fine.

Malone+ Xterra
I have had Malone J cradles on my 04 Xterra for a couple of years and like them very much. I load a 65# + a 50# boat using a homemade L shaped 1x4 device that I cantilever behind the forward J and bungee under the off side rack bar. I have no problem loading even the heavier boat solo. I was attracted to them by low cost(no addapters, pillers, or bars to buy)and by rave reviews from the people at I de and remount them by removing my factory rack crossbars; loosen 4 screws and slide off!

If I had it to do again, I believe I would get the same racks.


Malones on my factory rack…
I’ve been using the Autoloaders for years and just added a set of Seawings with the Stinger loader unit… Couldn’t be happier…

Thanks for all
the wisdom. We still have Thule ‘J’ carriers on our 2001 Jeep, so I’m looking down the road as far outfitting my Xterra. And yes, I would be hauling kayaks, the “familycanoers” is an old login, I need to update my profile. Again, thanks for all the great advice.

We have had Malone J-cradles for the past year. Previously we Yakima J-cradles, and we are much happier with the Malone J-cradles. They seem to hold the boat better…very pleased with them.

J cradles
I had Thule’s J cradles first and switched to Malone Autoloaders. The Autoloaders are far superior. They fit my boats better and don’t leave flat spots or abrasions from the metal bars like the Thule units did. The Malones also appear to be sturdier and better-made.

the width…and the solidness of it
i know that the seawing is supposed to be sleeker et al…but i like the simple big rectangular shape when putting the boat on the roof (not a slide on-i walk up and place on roof from driver side)…

also i have seen that the gull wing because there is more to it does not bounce as much…stiffer…