Malone roof racks

I have an opportunity to pick up a couple pairs of used ones for a good price. Does anybody have any experience with them? They’re the “J” style, and in good shape, according to the owner. Any input will be appreciated.


How old
and what size boat? The earlier models worked better for narrower boats

agree with this
for boats less than 22", i much prefer the older, smaller version. john

Malone “J” Cradles
I had a set of the first “J” cradles to come out. Carried everything from small Santees to wide OT 139 XLs to Boreal Inukshuks to ten 2x4s at a time with nary a problem.

Maloe racks
I don’t know how old they are. I plan on using them with a 20-24", 15-17’ boat. I’m going to check them out today. The guy is asking $75 for two pairs of kayak racks, plus Yakima bars & mounts.

They should work very well
The earlier models had a hard time with 28" and wider boats. My SINK’s fit fine, my SOT’s needed the next generation.

great deal
for what you’re getting, and malone’s are the best of the j cradles

Not too good for bikes…
but great for carrying ladders…

You go ahead and laugh grayhawk - -
I saw a painter with an interesting way to haul his Carolina

Had the ladder on a flat standard rack on his minivan. To foam kayak pads right on the ladder, and tied down too it. Nice, simple, supported, and sturdy - - - And it’s not like he spent a lot to do that. Company paid for everything according to him.