Malone SeaWing kayak carrier questions


I am currently searching for a new vehicle (the small wagon thread is very interesting) and am looking for info on rack options parallel to the vehicle search.

I have experience with Yakima racks for sedans which have no factory rack.

A Subaru Outback has a factory rack which only needs kayak cradles. What experience have people had with the Malone SeaWing carrier. This is a shallow V cradle which carries the boat in its upright position.

I did check the product reviews, there were reviews of the Malone Auto Loader, but not the SeaWing.

Also, If someone could post the dimensions of the SeaWing that would be appreciated. Overall width, and the width of the mounting base which touches the factory crossbar. I’m trying to determine if the Outback factory crossbars are wide enough to put two SeaWings side by side, at least 24" center to center. There is a plastic collar on the ends of the Subaru bar, which limits the position of the mount.

Thanks for your help.


i have the precursor
The gull wings…

Love them…they are pliabe enough to shape to any hull deck up or hull up…i use them for surf boats, ww boats, and long boats…

VERY reliable…i like the flex that they afford…helps to absorb smaller bumps while driving…

the main difference between the gullwings and the seawings is the seawings are smaller…they shortened the ‘wings’ for ease…

my only complaint: it is a little widespread on the bar…makes it hard to carry boats and bikes on a 48’ bar…

yes: i have yakima as well…


Subaru dimensions
Here are the dimensions from my 2005 Outback:

Roof rail spacing: 35" inside, front 32-1/2" inside rear.

Maximum crossbar spread (factory): about 38"

Clear space on factory crossbars: about 32" front, about 29-1/2" rear.

For your intended application the rear measurement is the critical one. To mount the SeaWings side-by-side each cradle would have to be no more than maybe 27" wide by my estimation. Call Malone for the dimensions - they are nice folks and will provide all the info you need.

As for the carrying capacity of the factory crossbars, the Outback brochure shows two whitewater boats vertically on a stacker, so I assume that you could get by with two touring or rec boats as well.

Info you need before calling Malone: boat weight, maximum width, and the chemical formulation of the hull.

Just kidding on that last one! Sorry for all the assumptions and estimates, but it is the best I can do theoretically.


used Malone Autoloaders before getting Hullivators.

Thanks for the info.
Thanks for the Subaru info. That’s helpful.


Subaru roof racks
Hi Paul,

Read my post, just added at the end of the small wagons posts, before you buy an Outback.

Should you disreguard my advice on Outbacks, they are a very good kayak/canoe transport vehicle (while the motor works.)

What I did on the 2000 and 2002 Outbacks was to buy a Yakima converter clamp that fit on the factory crossbars. With this converter attached, you can use any width Yakima crossbars and add any of the stuff that fits on the bars. As with all rack systems, the pain is in your wallet when you add up the cost of all the parts. With 52" Yakima crossbars, I frequently carried two kayaks long distances. I fit four for rare short trips. Since it was four years ago, I don’t remember the name of the clamps, or if Yakima still makes them. Thule probably makes similar stuff, I’ve never checked them out. Check with dealers.


Measurements of SeaWing

Here are the measurements on the SeaWing

Outside width of rack 27"

Width of Mounting area 3.25"

The New SeaWings are slightly stiff than the older versions, but the mounting bracket is a better fit than it used to be.

I have been able to get two boats side by side on my 48" bars, but I think it depends more on the width of the boats at their midpoint rather than the rack width.

i have autoloaders and seawings for my double i think they are the best product on the market no pads to rot in the sun nothing to rust!i have used the autoloaders for 2 years no complaints.