Malone SeaWing kayak carrier

What’s your experience with it?

For rear loading, it looks like this would need some felt padding—but will the strap slots in the carrier prohibit adding felt? My kayak definitely needs to slide over the carrier due to weight and length.

It also looks like the hard plastic ridges on the carrier could mark the bottom of the kayak?

I like that the straps can be stored on the carrier, all ready to go. That looks very convenient. But how do you store a fairly long strap? Wrap it around several times?

I’m currently using the Thule Glide and Set. It’s not bad. Disadvantages: The kayak occasionally slips between the two rear pads or tries to slip off the side of the car if not centered. Harder to put the straps on than with the Malone? The Malone looks like a simpler device overall.

I like Seawings
I have two sets of Seawings, and so does my main paddling buddy, so we can shuttle. I tried Malone’s J-style carrier, but they turned too much on my Yakima crossbars and I couldn’t load it myself, so I sent them back.

For loading the Phoenix 120 and Eddyline Skylark on my Hyundai Elantra and my friend’s RAV4, we just use carpet on the back of the car and slide the boats up. Pretty easy, and we’re both short.

Malone has their stinger system, which sounds good. And if you email them your questions, Aaron is very helpful.

My only criticism is the straps that come with the Seawings are not great. The cam buckles just about tore my fingers up, and the red color will rub off on the boat and your hands.

Broad felt covered saddle
From what you observe and your requirements you might want to look at the Marco Kayak Saddles.

I’ve gone to these instead of Yakima Hully Rollers or the Thule Hydro Glides.

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