Malone Soft Kayak Roof Rack?

Looking for an opinion on this roof rack. My kayak is 35 inches wide and doesn’t fit the specs of most racks. I am looking for a rack that will work with a boat this wide. The Malone rack is around $50 which is nice. Is it worth a try? How hard would it be to load by myself on top of an Expedition? I am brand new to all of this so answer as though I know nothing.



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How long is your yak? What is the weight? If you have a long boat with a vehicle that high you may want to get a saddle for the front and rollers for the rear. That way you just lift the front of the yak and put it on the rollers and then go to the back and lift the rear and roll it forward into the cradle. Seems like that is the way most people with taller vehicles go from what I have seen. You are only lifting half the yak weight at any given time.

I have a malone roof rack for my car. I load my 33 inch wide kayak on type of my dodge magnum and it fits fine. If all you are wantig to do is carry one boat, flat on the roof, you are good to go. $50 is a good price too. I paid like $90 for mine.

Do you mean the foam blocks
or the inflatable rack?

Do you have a factory rack with crossbars.

Either way that’s a long way from the ground to the top of an Expedition.

I used foam blocks on my factory crossbars, I also have a wide kayak, and it works fine. I load the from the back, bow goes on top first, then lift the stern and slide on to the roof. I use a bath mat to protect the roof, if I remember to bring it with me. I have a Kia Sportage(please don’t laugh too hard), so I don’t have to lift as high as you do. I can load from the side if I have to. I use straps to tie down.

Foam Surfboard Pads
On an expedition you can carry a kayak on Foam Surfboard Pads, either on the bars or the temporary kind that attach with straps. Cost about $25 for a workable pair.