Malone Stax vs. J Hooks

I just bought 2 Current Designs Kestrel 120 Roto’s. They weigh 49lbs each. Trying to decide between the J’s and Stax.

I drive a Lexus GX470 which is a tall vehicle with factory crossbars. Carrying capacity is 130lbs. I’m 53 and 6’2". The Stax is about 1/2 the cost.

What are the pros & cons?

have you considered a pair of stackers?
J cradles can sometimes be awkward to maneuver a kayak into, especially at a high height.

Between the two I think I’d choose the Malones because of price and lightness.

Stax Pro 2
Yeah. I’m leaning towards the Stax Pro 2 package below due to cost unless someone talks me out of it.

More Opinions?
Before I commit, any other thoughts from users of the Malone J-cradles or Stax Pro?

Stax are a LOT easier to load boats IMO
Especially for one person. You can slide the boats up on their bottoms assuming the cross rails are wide enough, then go around to the side and flip them onto their edge. I do this with 17 ft long 50-60 lb sea kayaks when I have to load alone (along with an Amagansett Roller-Loader and a cart and a blanket). It isn’t as fast as carrying with two people, but it gets the job done without boat dropping etc.

At least one person on this board, a woman about my size with a tall roof, eventually abandoned the J-bars for stackers because it was easier.

I don’t know anything about the …
Stax, but I recently bought two sets of Malone J cradles, and having owned thule and Yakama in the past can tell you that the Malone have it all over the others. They are much stronger.

I persdonally like how a sea kayak nestles in either J cradles or saddles

jack L

Another option
Malone SeaWings. Easier to load, carry two boats side by side, hull down.

Js with Telos
I own a full size 4x4 pickup with bed racks. In other words, the crossbars are sometimes obscured by clouds. I’ve tried several setups but the Malone Js with the Telos loaders make it quite easy to load/unload. I’ve used Malone products for some time and had few problems. When they arose, it took only a simple phone call or email for Malone to replace the parts immediately and without question.