Malone Super J rack

I will be loading a Perception Sundance 12 onto Malone Super J racks mounted on a RAV4 factory roof rack. My concern is being able to lift the yak that high solo. Can anyone tell me if it would be possible using this set up, to lift one end of the yak onto the rack and then the other? Theoretically, lifting only half the weight at one time. How close to the loading edge of the factory rack can the Super J be mounted? Appreciate any input.

My Bottoms(the hook part) hang outboard of my roof rails a little bit, which makes it easier to load…

I have a same size vehicle - the
Honda CRV and solo loaded a 13-1/2’ kayak using Malone J cradles by putting a rug on the back of the vehicle (to protect the paint) and sliding the kayak into the cradles bow first. Unloaded by pulling the stern first off the back of the vehicle. I needed a 2 step foot stool to tie the belly straps. Males at least 5’6" usually don’t have any problem just lifting the kayak up and down from the side, but that was not an option for me.

to both of you for your replies. I pretty much made up my mind on the Malone J rack.

I Have Loaded
a QCC600 and 700 by myself a couple of times. I have a Jetta wagon so I dont have to lift as high as you do. I just lifted from the side with one hand under the cockpit and put it each in the rack. I have to admit that loading and unloading is much better and easier and safer with two people. But it is possible to do it by yourself.

I did get carpeted slides as the supports on the rear cross bar thinking that the boat would slide and I could load the boats essentially half at a time. But I have not tried loading that way.


I’ve got Their Autoloaders
The Malone Autoloaders have a bit of a lip on them that makes it easier. My car is shorter than yours, but then, I’m shorter than most guys. I keep a little stool in the back seat and it works fine. I stand facing the front of the car with the kayak on the shoulder closest to the car. The stool is against the car midway between the autoloaders. I step up on the stool with the foot closest the car and raise the boat onto the lip of the autoloaders and push until it’s seated right. It helps to have the autoloaders mounted at the very end of the racks. I found this to work better than trying to load one end first.


I never thought of that…I’m gonna try your way… I’m always lifting the boat over my head… Thanks

I hate to admit it…
but after paddling two hours today, I didn’t have the upper body strength to lift the kayak above my chest. I’m not sure I would have even before paddling for two hours. There must be an easier way. Maybe Hully Rollers would be the way to go?