Malone Telos Load Assist system?

Has anyone used it? Comments?

Good, useful product
I have had the Telos for about two years now. As a 5’3" woman with a Nissan Xterra, it has been invaluable. It would work better if I were taller or my car was shorter – but that’s my problem, not the Telos. I don’t have the oomph to get my sea kayak in the right, final position, so I have to go up on the roof and pull it up sideways (it helps that I was a climber before I was a kayaker). In cold weather, the suction cups that attach the bottom of the “loading ramp” to the car aren’t very pliable and don’t stay stuck sometimes. Not a problem unless you are dumb enough to go play when the temps are in the 30s or low 40s. Much less expensive than the Hullavator. Works better than my old HullyRoller/Mako Saddle combo.