Malone Xv Vertical Kayak Stacker

Well, after 3 yrs of renting various boats and saving up, we finally bought one kayak this past Friday. WooHoo! DS opted for the Tsunami 140, and is very happy with her choice. I get my boat next year. I rented a boat for the weekend, and despite less than great weather predictions, we had two wonderful days of paddling.

The shop where we bought was also carrying the Malone racks, which having done some research, I had already decided to buy. The Malone racks were not previously available in the local shops up here. We picked up the Xv vertical stacker, because eventually, we will have two boats. Much to our dismay, the instructions tell you how to attach the rack to the roof, but not the boat to the rack!

Knowing the basics of safe car-topping, we muddled through. The Tsunami, however, is too deep to stay on the bottom support of the Malone rack and while it is vertical when we start out, after a couple miles, it has shifted, with the top edge leaning away from the rack. We tried loading the boat with the top facing the vertical support, but one of the supports ended up in the cockpit, so we nixed that idea.

We’re hoping someone here can impart some wisdom. First, the recommended way of threading the straps through the support, and second, the best way to attach the boat.



Strapping Issue
The Stax have double slots on the bottom of the carrier. These will allow the straps to be dressed so that the bottom of the boat is captured and can not “walk” away while in transport.

Please call 1-800-295-0042 and ask for technical assistance.

We’ve used the bottom slots…
…it’s the top that ‘leans away’…the bottom stays put, but the boat essentially ‘rotates’. We’ll try their technical assistance number, tks.