Mamba Creeker Sizing

I am currently in the process of researching and buying a Kayak for white water river running. I pretty much have my heart set on a Mamba Creeker, but i am having issues determining which size to use. I am 18 years old, roughly 6’3 in height, and about 170 pounds. Since i am young I will probably bulk out a little bit more and add some weight to that but in all honesty I do not see myself passing 200lbs at anytime. My question is should I go with a size 8.1 or size 8.6 mamba creeker. From what i have read the 8.1 would be a tight fit for someone of my height, but at the same time a 8.6 would be hard to throw around for someone of my weight. I am currently leaning towards the 8.6 since it is more paramount for me to be comfortable and not cramped while kayaking. I believe i can compensate and learn to throw around the bigger 8.6 with practice and time. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or input on the subject. Any experience relating to this and specifically someone of my height trying to fit into an 8.1. Any input is appreciated, thank you for reading this post.

You aren’t that tall, and the 8.1 will
probably be ok. Anyway, as a 6’ 5" 215 pounder, I have not found that going to the largest size in current kayak lines is not going to have a strong effect on fitting into the boat.

Note that the Mamba is not a pure creeker, though it works very well for that purpose. It should also be a good heavy water boat, and fine for just running the Chattooga. Some pure creek boats give a way elements of handling on rivers like the Chattooga.

The Karnali and the Remix 79 also work well for what you are interested in, but I gather you have already narrowed down to the Mamba. Your dealer may be the best source of advice on which size to choose.

Always best to demo, but based on your question I’d say the 8.6. If your not creekin then check the regular Mamba and you can save some weight, couple pounds.

You can also look for used or the older model.

For Me
First, that is a great boat and was second on my list to buy. I happened to like the Diesel just a little better. When I did the demos I liked the bigger Mamba better. I am 5’10", 185 lbs. The Mamba seemed to carry it’s size in a way that made if feel smaller than the actual size. The Villian on the other hand seemed to be larger than it was. So, demo them and see how they feel. The Karnali, now discontinued I think, was my favorite boat on paper but my last choice on the water.

Alright; thank you for the info guys

“throw around”?
Not sure what you mean by “throw around.” Are you talking about being able to surf/do rodeo moves? If so, then yeah, smaller is generally better. But if you’re talking about just getting down the river, then volume is your friend (particularly in bigger/nastier stuff).