Mammoth.....Best Campground, Lake??

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Hi everyone. Hope yer having an excellent Summer. I'm planning a trip to Mammoth Lakes in a couple weeks.

Can someone suggest which campground, and lake is the best for camping, and paddling (if I can even get a campsite this time of year)

I'm from Huntington Beach, CA and plan on staying only 2 nights camping.

I just need to get away from this crazy office.


red’s meadows is lovely; hike up to minarettes or thousand island lake; paddle mono lake

No Mono Lake this trip
Red’s Meadow huh? I’ll check it out. I do know that I’d rather paddle clear waters instead of the salty ole’ Mono. I did that last year and it was definitely salty, nice but salty.


Camping at the lakes
I’ve always camped down in town, at New Shady Rest. But for camping at the lakes, I think Twin Lakes looks like the nicest camping. Lake Mary also looks nice, and is much larger for paddling. Not that any of the lakes are large, but are great for lily dipping around on or fishing. If you want to paddle a large body of water thats fresh, check out Crowley lake. Otherwise Convict lake looks promising for something bigger than Mammoth lakes and in the middle of the mountains.

Caldera Kayaks is at the marina on Crowley lake. Never been there, but its the only Kayak shop I know of in the area. Their website has a little more info on paddling the area, including a nice map of Mono Lake.

Happy camping. Don

Lots of Choices

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We are in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas about half dozen times a summer, or more. We usually stay at Twin Lakes, but we come over Sonora Pass from the Valley, so it is closest to us.

This is Twin Lakes. Views at Convict are even nicer, but I haven't downloaded the photos.

We spent a few days down at Convict Lake this summer, but we stayed in a rather expensive lodge. The camping is not very close to the Lake.

Rock Lake Lake is very nice. The lake is rather small. There is camping close by with nice views of the lake.

There is June Lake Loop with camping close to the lake.

I find Crowley Lake sort of open and plain. Also very hot in summer

I don't know about availability. It has not been so crowded this summer, but weekends are tough. During the week you can pretty much have your choice.

These lakes are small but get very windy in the afternoon. Try and get out early

Lots of Trees??
Hey guys. Thanks for the great information. Are there a lot of trees in the campground areas? Twin lakes looks kind of barren. I know the Eastern Sierra is somewhat rocky, but is there a forest in, and near these campgrounds?

I like camping in the pines, and not necessarily in between rocks n’ barren land.

Again, thank for your time,

Some of the Campgrounds are in the trees
a few are in fields

Too many Twin Lakes…
There are two sets of Twin Lakes. The Twin Lakes I was referring to above, are in the Mammoth Lakes basin, and are very small. Since you had asked about Mammoth. But the camping is right on the lakes, and in the trees.

Barracuda is referring to, and has photos of, the Twin Lakes out of Bridgeport. They are about an hour north of Mammoth, but look much larger and more paddle worthy than anything in the Mammoth lakes basin. I’ve never been there, so can’t speak to how close the camping is to the lake. If it was a short carry, that would be ideal. Speaking of Bridgeport, how’s the paddling in Bridgeport Reservoir?

Let us know where you end up, and how the paddling went. I’ll be in Mammoth the week through Labor day. Look for a large blue Suburban with a large Loon 160T on the roof.

Hope this helps clear up the Twin Lakes. Let us know if you have any other questions.


Alright! I getting excited now.
Thanks again guys. I have now reserved a campsite (last one) at Twin Lakes, Mammoth for the 17th and 18th of this month.

From what I can gather, and the photos available, it looks like it’s going to be a great time. The campground is right next to the lake…how sweet is that.

I’ll also take my new mountain bike for some good exercise there. Man! this is going to be fun.

Sitting under the stars. The Perseid meteor shower will be happening during that week, so things should be good at night also.

Well, thanks for cheering me on. I can’t wait to paddle the cool clear lakes of our great state.

Ciao everyone.

Bridgeport Reservoir
It is kind of open and hot. The fishing there is very good, but I prefer Lower Twin Lakes for paddling

Crowley is a great place to fish but this time of year you can get into the alge bloom. Plus it is pretty plain. The June Lakes are is not bad. You a a few different lakes to paddle and the fishing if you do any can be good.

Too much to do in two days…
You’re going to need a week. :DA

Gonna Strech it to 3 nights camping
Yeah, yer right…2 nights is just not enough. I’m gonna make it 3 nights now that I have an idea of what’s going on.

I’m gonna also jump up to the June Lakes Loop and paddle Silver Lake, and do the little jaunt up Rush Creek. That sounds pretty cool to me.

It’s a seven hour drive from Huntington Beach to Mammoth Lakes,and I sure want to relax when I get there, so the 3 night thing will be better.

I found a neat site WESTERNPADDLING.COM today. It’s pretty cool. It’s a fairly new site that talks about, and has pictures of California lakes. This is the kind of site I’ve been looking for as the information is good.

Anyway, now to get all my stuff packed and ready for a few nights camping. Thanks again for all the info and great suggestions.

I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes once I return to the madness.


Mammoth Flat out Rules!
I live in Costa Mesa, CA (raised in Newport Beach my whole life) and would be into going there anytime. I go with friends to Bishop to the Owans River to fish, Mammoth to snowboard but have never paddled there. Let me know how the trip is and the ins and outs. I would love to go either with my family of with other paddlers that know the lakes and campgrounds.


Back From Bliss, to the Hell of Work
Hey everyone. I’m back from my jaunt to Mammoth Lakes. Oh! what a nice time it was to get away from the crazy work world. Camping 3 nights at a cool campground (Twin Lakes) and paddling my carbon yak all day long on all the lakes in the area, and just when I thought it could not get any better cruising around on Lake Mary…a Bald Eagle circled above reminding me, that I am a fortunate individual. Oh! life is good.

The next day, riding my mountain bike on Mammoth Mountain Bike Park. What a treat that was. Started out on the easy stuff, and ended up going down from the top. An excellent day.

Yeah, the lakes are a little on the small side, but nice. I’d paddle one for an hour or so, then move on to the next, and that was fine with me. At least I was not sitting at a desk doing the business thing.

On the 3rd day my brother and his kids came up. They of course stay in a condo, a nice one at that. We went fishing with his 2 daughters and caught a few Rainbow Trout.

I left towards the end of the day only to stop at the casino in Bishop and win all the money I had spent making this trip happen. Nice.

I definitely plan on heading back as soon as I can but will probably stay in a hotel, or a cabin, something like that. I may well head up into Bridgeport and see what that Twin Lakes has to offer.

Thanks everyone for your help and great suggestions. Hope ya’ll are having a great Summertime paddle.