Mammoth Cave, KY kayaking ideas

Looking for great places to kayak in the Mammoth Cave KY area. We are traveling to Lake Cumberland later and would like to kayak on the way there or the way home in the general Lake Cumberland direction.

Any suggestions appreciated.

What rivers are nearby?

Thank you,

Joan Visser

How’s this for close:

The Green River goes right through the park. There’s also an underground river boat tour in the area, but that’s guided and more like an amusement ride, no paddling.


if you like whitewater

lake cumberland dam
one of the dams i think theres more than one is experiencing problems and there suppose to be drawing the lake down to a very low level. i dont know when this is going to happen but you might want to check with the army corp of enginers web for further info. you may allready be aware of this but thought i would say somthing jus incase…jack

If you do
If you paddle in the park area its beutifull. plus you can fish without a permit in park boudries.

be prepared to pay up though. the last trip i did it cost 60$ just to have my truck dropped off at the take out.

youngest daughter and I were
at Mammoth last fall, did the cave tours of course, 5 miles on a trail, and rented a canoe for a trip down the Green…wonderful trip and theres more to do than the cave.

Try,they do trips on the Elkhorn creek and the KY river.The water on lake Cumberland is already down for dam repair,but there is still 35000ac. of water to paddle.

Have fun:


Mammoth Cave, KY
The Green River through the park is a great flatwater paddle. There are 3 trips one can take, depending on how much time you get to spend on the river.

A popular overnight trip is to put in at Munfordville and paddle downstream to a take out at the Green River Ferry. You can camp on the several sandbars throughout the area. Approx 21 miles, I think.

A fun day trip is to put in at Dennison Ferry and padde down to the Green River Ferry. There is a small cave to paddle in about a mile downstream, very cool… about a 4 hour trip.

The last one is to put in at the Green River Ferry and then take out at the Houchins Ferry at Brownsville.

I plan to start upstream this year, explore the River way north of the park. Not sure of the trip yet, but planning begins!

The fishing is license free, not a lot of river traffic, beautiful scenery and wildlife, lots of fun! One of my favorite places to paddle, especially with families. Throw in the hiking, camping and bike riding… a great place to spend a weekend.


I appreciate the information and have some great ideas on where to go before our houseboat trip.


Joan Visser

Lake Cumberland
It might be THE summer to paddle Lake Cumberland. I would think the landlocked launch ramps, and low-water publicity, is going to keep the stinkboaters away in droves this summer.