Man the kayaks Long Island & NYC is being floofed

Glad the tide is low so the streets don’t flood. Rain rate was 6.55" about 3:30 PM .

Some got 8" already. Good I guess it will fill the aquifers . Subways and airports hit hard.

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That’s for sure.

two guys came up the canal in flat bottom clam / eel boat doing 30 mph :laughing: during rain. Makes you appreciate simple things like a roof and a dry house. :pray::house::pray: Imagine centuries ago I’m living better than the King of England. Imagine the homeless :sob:.

Pretty bad images/videos from NYC. That heavy precipitation is coming through middle and western MA. Getting just light rain in Boston. Looks like eastern MA will miss that slug of rain coming through.

Knock on wood for you all.


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you cannot imagine the smells in the subways when it floods the floors. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

Uhh… I don’t like the smell in the NYC subways EVEN when these aren’t flooded… (But, that is a different issue…)