Manitou 13 and 200 lbs

Have a good deal available on a new Manitou 13. I weigh 200 lbs and am around 5’10". Was hoping to use the Manitou for slow rivers and areas where I may encounter more rocks (and don’t want to risk my Nighthawk 16). Also want to have this boat for my 10 year old son to grow into. Will the Manitou 13 work for someone my size? Thanks.

Absolutely NO PROBLEM

It’ll work pretty slick
I am 5-11 and 225. I borrow my kids manitou 13 from time to time. They are great boats and fun to paddle. Perfect for what you want to do.

same weight,it’s the best paddlers rec. boat

Same with me. . . .
I’m 195 and 6 foot 2, and my Manitou 13 is perfect for me on slow rivers with rocks. I love the boat.

That’s great news. Thanks for your feedback.

Yellow Manitou 13 on its way
Had my local dealer order a yellow one earlier this week. Very excited to get it out on the water.