Manitou 13 and fishing?

I am still new to kayaking and now a friend wants me to fish with him… I have a Manitou 13 and wondering if anyone has one of these rigged for fishing? What do I need to buy to outfit it (rod holder ect.?)

I don’t want to go crazy just need some pointers so it will not be a total disaster.

photo links would be great.

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No need to over compicate things-
My buddy fishes for smallmouth with the exact same boat. He secures his rods with “Yak Clips” he just puts the butt of his rod in the clip and lays it out in front of him on the deck- One on the left side and one on the right, they form an X in front. You could also just slide the butt of the rod into your bungee that crosses in front of you- same result as the yak clips.

They key, I think is to keep it simple- not need for a full sized tackle box- I just use a small waterproof box the size of a brick. I keep my “go to” lures in there, a few hooks and some hemostats. I’ve found the more “junk” you have with you, the more you have to fumble around with and avoid when getting in and out.

Here’s a pic- he’s using the bungee:

Here’s one of me using the yak clip:

Another of him:

Like Glory Says
I fish out of a CD Whistler most of the time.

I have a yakclip that attaches to the cockpit. I slip the rod under the front bungees and into the clip. Good to go.

For tackle think small boxes. You need to take the basics. Top, mid, and bottom water lures. A few of each should suit most conditions.

I keep most things in a backpack clipped to the front bungee. I have my binoculars and a portable fish finder in there along with any other gear needed. Sandwiches and cold drinks go in a soft cooler in a hatch.

Unless you need to troll I see no reason to put holes in the boat for fish pole holders.

Thanks guys
Thanks for the input. I think the key is not to over complicate things and just keep it simple.