Manitou 13 Thigh Braces What...

First I must confess that I have never owned a Kayak (until now), in fact I have never even been in a kayak… It looked like something I wanted to try so I ordered one. I have severe neck issues and was told the sea kayaking was something I could do… Any comments?

This brings me to the first of my many questions. I researched the type of kayak that best fit my needs (and price). I ended up ordering a 2008 Necky Manitou 13. Before I ordered it I called Necky several times to ask if the 2008 Manitou 13 comes with the “comfort fit” thigh braces. I was told:

  1. Yes it does (for sure)
  2. No, it only came in the “select” and “recycled” but can be added
  3. No it does not and cannot be added because they will not work with the seat

    My kayak arrived today and it does NOT have them. Finally my questions… Can the “comfort fit” thigh braced be added to a 2008 Necky Manitou 13? If so, does anybody know what the part number is and where I can find them cheap? How important are they? Also, what else am I not getting with my new 2008 boat that I would have gotten if I were to get an 09?

    Thank you all in advance.

should be able to add them
#2 is correct. question is, why didn’t you order a Select or Recycled? in addition to the thigh braces the plastic is tougher on both of those. maybe you got a great closeout deal.

they don’t list the Manny on their website anymore, maybe it is being replaced by the new Looksha 12 & 14 listed under 2009 models. under “Accessories” they show 3 different types of thigh braces and a 1-800 number for ordering; I would call and ask if the $50 braces shown are the same used on the Manitou. you can also see on their website pics how the thigh braces are mounted, just a couple screws.

They still list and make the Manitou line. On the web sight they are under day touring. Necky said… the boat was the same. I am getting frustrated. If I have to add options I may as well return it and get the newer one for close to the same price.

Thigh braces for boat control

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The Manny cockpit isn't tiny, and jamming your knees into just the cockpit edge isn't fun unless your knees have more padding than mine. So yes, get those thigh braces. You'll want them to control the boat for turning etc.

Have you looked around for a local paddling club, maybe running pool sessions over the winter? That'd get some seat time under you before spring.

PS - Do you mean that someone at Necky said the Manny and the Looksha boats were the same? Were you were talking in broad brushes as far as your use? If you don't plan on going out into bigger open water, comparable Mannitous and Lookshas would probably be equivalently useful for you. But saying they are the same boat - I dunno about that.

can be done
Another poster here(salty?) has said that adding thighbraces is a common upgrade for Manitou 13s. They help you use the hull to it’s full potential.


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sorry about that misstatement, they rearranged their website a bit from earlier in the year. I have the Manitou 13 (Recycled) and the thigh braces make it a bit more awkward for entry but are a definite plus for a snug fit and maneuvering.

I think I have it!

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The Manitou 13 select was discontinued and now for 2009 is the Manitou 13 (no select designation).

I was told that the Superlinear material that was used for the Manitou 13 Select has been discontinued (for the Manitou). The Manitou 13's are now made of polylite material.

And.. The thigh braces can be added.

Chatham thigh braces (item #1517)
should be the ticket – But call Necky

and double check.