Manitou 14 Good for 250 lb paddler?

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I am currently deciding if a Necky Manitou 14 composite is a good choice for me. I would use it paddling the Finger Lakes in Upstate NY. No Larger Lakes like Ontario and I think the 14'4" length would be adequate.. I am just wondering about the weight limit on the boat which is 275-325 if I am correct.. DOes anyone have experience with this boat in Poly or Composite. Thanks..

P.S.- Price is playing a factor in my choice(found a good deal on the manitou),otherwise I would go buy a current design solstice titan gt on the spot!

It might be too small…

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I don't have any personal experience with the Manitou 14, but after searching around a bit I found this thread:

If you copy and paste the entire link it will take you directing to the message, otherwise look for jsande2's message "Something to think about" at about half way down the thread.

jsande2 describes it as being too small for him at 230lbs. I suppose it will still float at 250lbs, but it will be sunk so low in the water that it won't be much fun to paddle.

thank you…
I appreciate your research. I have a chance to get the the composite version for 1300 new… but it sounds like i should definitely demo the boat first. Thanks again.

Necky rates total weight capacity
as 275 to 325 pounds. That would leave you little margin for carrying gear.

I have an old Necky Looksha Sport that is about the same length, but it is a little narrower throughout the length of the hull. I weigh about 225 clothed for paddling, and the Looksha behaves OK without gear. However, it does sit deep, and if I loaded overnight gear, handling might deteriorate.

tight deck
Our experience is that larger paddlers don’t get enough room in the hips and the thighs with Manitou 14s. You’ll probably find that the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 (not the 140) will be a better fit.

But don’t buy anything until you’ve personally tried it on. A bargain isn’t a bargain if it’s uncomfortable to paddle.

Are there others?
Are there other options or is it just down to the Manitou model?

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another option kestrel 120
There is a current designs kestrel 120 hybrid for 1200. I have test paddled the kestrel 120x hybrid (out of production) and I found the cockpit too large… I just want to find the boat that will allow me to daytrip local lakes 10-15 miles. I do like the kestrel,but i was hoping to find a boat with a little more length…but the cost needs to be under 1400.

2013 Venture Islay 14
I have a couple of leftover Islay 14’s which would be my recommendation.

My review of it is here:


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Could be. I had to cut windows in the
seat uprights of my Looksha Sport to accommodate my hip joints. But otherwise, there was plenty of room.

Decided to go big

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Based on your replies, I scrapped the idea of a 14' foot kayak and am buying a current designs storm gt 17' poly. Has a load max of 400 lbs,with rudder,and gives me the speed I need to daytrip on the finger lakes