Manitou 14 or Hurricane Tampico 135l

I am in the process of getting a new kayak and am torn between the Necky and Hurricane any thoughts? Thanks


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some questions for you, to kick things off:

Have you sat in both boats? Any water demo time w. either or both? Your impressions?

How about you? Your height/weight/inseam/shoe size? What are you paddling now?

Your profile says you are an intermediate kayaker. Do you have a roll? Do you enjoy a closer fit in the cockpit? How would you prioritize having a skeg, as the Necky could have one,the TampicoL not.

Where do you plan to paddle? Mostly daytrips?

I got a Tampico 135S last summer (the smaller version of the L)& am extremely pleased w. everything it does for a kayak < 14 ft. while remaining honest (I hope) about what it cannot.

The TampicoS and L have the same hull. They are both very fast for their length w. a lot of hull in the water (very little rocker). They are light, easy to turn and edge.

To my eye the Trylon ABS plastic is very appealing in finish and easy to maintain. It will not oilcan like rotomould no matter how hot - could be a factor in central Florida, right?

The S has nice thigh braces which are integrated into the coaming, and can be rolled. The Tampico L does not and with its slightly bigger cockpit might afford less grip for edging and rolling.

Both the Neck and the Tampico L weigh about the same but are fitted out differently:

1. the TampicoL has two sealed bulkheads and two hatches to hold gear, the Necky Manitou 13 has only one in the rear w. foam pillar in front (meaning you'll add front floatation there).

2. Tampico L has more perimeter deck rigging, which makes it easier to grab your kayak, and can hold more on the decks if you want that option. I am of the clean deck school, and carry only a solid puffy foam paddlefloat (northern paddlers don't really do inflatatables) but it's nice to have the extra rigging to hold a spare paddle or attach a half dome deck bag.

3. the Tampico aftdecks are almost flat as as a table, making self rescue easier.

4. There is room in the Tampico cockpit to nicely
wedge a Wilderness bilge pump (the kind w. foam all around the cylinder) between the side of the seat and the kayak, just lash in gently w. a little bungie. Very nice place to keep it as opposed to topside.

5. The Necky has a highback seat, the L does also, but I believe you can get the L with the same lowback seat the S has. I just happen to prefer the lowback seat, it stays out of the way, but it's a individual thing.

Necky Manitou and Manitou Sport both deservedly have their fans here, hopefully some of them will jump in w. their experience and help you.

Necky Manitou 14
Actually, he was referring to the Necky Manitou 14…this boat has two bulkheads, full deck rigging (perimeter static lines), and retractable skeg. The seat back does protrude out.

Compared with other boats in its’ class (e.g., Carolina), it’s a very nice boat that has been very friendly to stock beginners (we use it in a rental fleet for individuals who have had no prior experience), but will enable you to learn leaning, edging, and rolling skills too.

I’m unfamiliar with the Hurricane model, so I’ll not comment on that.


Maybe it’s to skeg
or not to skeg :smiley:

The Necky 14 has that going for it. And with the dual bulkheads and perimeter lines, agreed, it is better outfitted than the Necky Sport.

Material-wise I like Trylon as opposed to rotomould for the way and waters in which I use my kayak. Aesthetically it appeals to me as well, which is highly personal yes, but owning a kayak is highly personal :wink:

Thank you for pitching in from the Necky perspective, maybe our poster will let us know which he picked and why.

I have a Manitou 14

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Some of the things you mention about the Manitou are the things I've started to notice with mine. I'm still a newbie (no roll, no bracing - just sorta float along with the current). Don't get me wrong, I like my Manitou 14. It's a nice starter boat, but it does have short comings.

For me the seat back is too reclined and too tall. Maybe because I'm short, but it hits the back of my pfd. It gets in the way when I'm doing some creative, less-than-graceful, trying to crawl back into the boat maneuvers. It's not handy to fuss with the seat adjustment. There are little hooks on the end of the seat straps to hook them out of the way, but one nearly got caught in my pfd straps one time. I'm thinking of cutting them off. I think those little back bands look better.

The cockpit is rather wide and tall. I can barely get my knees up into the bracing (which are just little pads glued under the cockpit area). I would probably need to add some mincell or something if I ever wanted to try a roll. Someone taller might not have a problem with the cockpit area.

The manitou does handle nicely, tracks pretty good, at least for this newbie. I'm starting to learn a little edging. I haven't used the skeg much. I haven't really been in conditions where it would be useful.

Sheesh, I almost feel like a traitor to my little boat!

Good luck & happy boat hunting! Always fun to go shopping for another boat (or bike)!

I’ve always wanted to demo the
Tampico. I have another Hurricane boat as well as a Perception Sonoma 13.5, which I think is the hull Hurricane was market-targeting when they designed the Tampico.

If the cockpits are the same size in both, may be a little tight for you (sure is for me).

Hurricane does a nice job, and I would favor thermoplastic over rotomold, but the Necky is not a bad choice either.

not a traitor! :smiley:
in fact it’s downright refreshing to see someone state what he/she likes and doesn’t like about their boat.

It shows you have perspective and are growing in the sport, both good things!

I love my TampicoS for rivers, lakes and gentle coastal, but the bigger rivers with heavy current, surf zone, and the Great Lakes in general, would not be optimum for it, so thus came the North Shore Fuego.

Both kayaks fit me and will help me add skills, and give me confidence using them.

It’s not either/or nor would I say either is “perfect”. Perfect is for some other, nonhuman world. We are here to enjoy our boats in this one!

Thanks for your input. The local dealer is going to get a necky in next week so I am going to try it. I have tested the 13’ but I do like the hurricane so we will see thanks again for your input!

Let us know
what you end up buying.

Well went to a demo tried both of them but some other paddler said to try the Cayuga. So I did and man what a nice boat. Think I am going to buy one!