Mansfield 13' Canoe by Stowe

I purchased this canoe new many years ago and the company has gone out of business. The canoe is in great shape and is a good stable canoe with a 40" beam. It is wood inlaid with Gel coat exterior. It has been used probaly a total of a dozen times. The rest of the time it has remained in the rafters of my garage. Can anyone tell me what this canoe is valued at and where I might sell it?


Saw one on ebay a while back

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IIRC, similar to the Merrimack Osprey and the Navarro Legacy - right?

Except the new Merrimacks and some of the new Navarros are kevlar and your Stowe, I think, has to be fiberglass - so the new price lists for kevlar may not be a good indicator. I could be wrong about that, but all the Stowes I've seen for sale have been fiberglass and I understand they haven't been in business for a while. best way to make sure would be to weigh it and compare to the weights on the Legacy.

I sold a fiberglass Navarro Legacy last year for $500, IIRC, and it was in excellent condition. Maybe could have got a little more if I was in the right location, but I think that was a pretty fair price for a 15yo canoe. Took a while to sell it at that price, but not too long.

I don't know how the Stowe canoes compare in quality since I've not seen one in person.

Craigs list ( is a popular way to sell and buy used canoes.

Thanks for your response. My canoe is fiberglass with inlaid wood ribs. I believe the wood is mahogoney with cane seats. Stowe went out of

business well over fifteen years ago. The canoe is

in excellant contdition as it was only used maybe a

dozen times at most. It has been in the garage rafters ever since.


Of course you can post on pnet
classified, but your canoe would be of interest to fishermen and casual paddlers, so local posting or Craigslist might work well. It’s not going to attract much interest from canoeists who like to cover lots of miles.

Osprey Canoe
I would say the Mansfield is exactly the same canoe as the Osprey built by Merrimack. In researching

on the internet I have managed to find out that Merrimack took over the Stowe Design when Stowe shut down. Thanks again.