Mansfield by Stowe Canoe Co.

Can anyone tell me about the 13 ft square stern version of this boat? I am looking at purchasing one from a neighbor and he wants $1000. Is that a reasonable price. It looks almost new. It has oar locks. Was it originally designed to be rowed or paddled. I have. 5 horse Johnson outboard that I was thinking of using on this boat to go on fishing trips. Any thoughts?

Seems a little steep…
Can you get the HIN# (serial number) form him? Does it have wood bow stem and keel?

Yes it has wood stern, keel, etc

What is it worth to you? That’s how I
decide, and if it appears the boat is worth much less to me than the asking price, I don’t even make an offer.

Maybe someone will know what the boat might have cost when new. I’ve paid over $1000 for a canoe only once in 35 years, and that was a slightly used demo that would list for about $2200.

Stowe Canoe
Stowe made a 13’ square stern canoe in the early to mid 80’s it sold for $450.00 or so then. In the late 80’s they made a 12’ “Car Top Boat” which sold new for $1250.00. This was when they were based out of Braintree Ma.