Manta Ray 12; 08 vs 09

I’m new to kayak fishing and am looking into buying my first kayak. Im leaning towards buying an 08 model Manta Ray 12 on-line and my question is about the differnce between the 08 and 09 models. If anyone could could explain the difference(if there is any) between the two I would really appreciate it.

The pictures I have found show the MR 12 08 model to be similar to what the native website currently has listed as the MR 11. I was wondering if the 2 additional small hatches (in front and behind the seat) as well as the larger bow hatch/bungee system are additions to the 09 or if they are found the in the 08 model as well

Thanks in advance for your help.

11 is different than 12
Native Watercraft makes a Manta Ray 11 (10’10"), a Manta Ray 12 (12’2"), plus a Manta Ray 14 (14’7").

I know of no difference in outfitting or build from an '08 to an '09 Manta Ray 12.