Manta Ray 14 rudder

Anybody know where I can get a rudder for a Manta Ray 14. I contacted the co. & they gave me a list of dealers(primarily places that are more interested in selling crocs than kayak accessories).

Thanks,Rob The have one
they’ve branded and also Feathercraft rudders. Good company to deal with and should answer questions you have concerning installation. Picture of Ray with rudder:

why not LL for rudder?
Can’t you just buy a rudder from the manufacturer? Or are Liquid Logic rudders for the Manta Ray considered not as good as other brands?

I’m curious as I have a Manta Ray 14 and will be considering a rudder perhaps next year.

Maybe I missed it on the website,
when I looked trying to help another locate a rudder for his LL Ray, I saw no rudder advertised by LL.