Manta Ray problem / customer service

I bought a Liquid Logic Manta Ray 14 midway through the 2006 season. At 6’2" and 300 pounds, I wasn’t finding a sit-on-top with a dry ride. Well, the Manta Ray did it. Steve Earley at Paddle Power Boat Shop sold me the boat, but he also took the time to fit me with a boat that would give me good performance on flat water and also let me take a ride down a narrow, shallow creek. Its a long boat in a tight turn, but I think it performs great! It was so good that I bought a Manta Ray 10 for my wife this spring. She’s loving the handling and the dry ride.

Well, my joy hit bottom a couple weeks ago when my Manta Ray began taking on water. It took a week for the problem area to become really apparent. The boat bottom was collapsing around the scupper just aft of the seat. I really thought it was a goner, but I called Steve for advice the next morning and sent him an email with photos. He said he would phone the folks at Liquid Logic and get back to me. In a couple hours, he had called with the news that Liquid Logic had already identified that problem and changed it in newer boats. They had also authorized me a new boat, which I picked up that very afternoon at Paddle Power.

Today, 2 days later, we were paddling the Ohio River and I was a very happy camper! The customer service from Steve and from Liquid Logic were absolutely top notch.

Good to hear.

Redmond has this boat…
(Hope he doesn’t mind my use of his name)…I’ve had the opportunity to see the boat up close on the water, and I have been VERY impressed…it’s FAST, and the load carrying capacity is HUGE… I love the freeboard it has too…

If I was to consider a SOT it would be the Manta Ray 14.


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I'm gonna check mine. Hate to have a problem at an inopportune moment!

Nice story.
My guess is that they refined their over recipe for that boat to flow more material to that area. Roto molding can be tricky and new models can take a roto team time to dial in to get the poly distributed correctly.

Yeah, the scupper aft of the seat is gone. The others are recessed into grooves in the bottom of the boat, so they are protected.

We paddled flat water the last couple days and will probably work on hitting a creek today.