Manuscript by Dillon Wallace (1913 trip)

A friend and I have put a manuscript by Dillon Wallace on the internet, complete with photos. It is book length and describes his 1913 canoe trip back to the site of Leonidas Hubbard’s death in 1903. In my opinion it is as exciting and moving as the books by Wallace on his 1903 and 1905 trips in Labrador, although it has never been published. Click on the following link:

Wow thanks!
This looks like it’s going to be a fun read.


Can’t remember the title, …

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...but I read a book last year which included an account of his fatal trip, including excerpts from his journals, AND an account of the two groups that succeeded in reaching his goal of going to Hudson Bay a few years later. As I recall, one was done by his
plucky widow, with help from his original Indian guide, and I forget the other, but they were essentially in competition as I recall. Fascinating read.

JUST FOUND THE TITLE: Great Heart: The history of a Labrador Adventure, by Davidson & Rugge.

Reads much like
"Dangerous River" by R.M. Patterson. Why do people subject themselves to such pain and agony? I have nightmares thinking about being in such situations.


He did print a book
Wallace did compile a book of the journey and tradgedy. Its called “Labrador Wild”. I have a first edition copy.

Did you read about the guys who retraced their route last year in I think Paddler Mag? They also have a web site of all the photos they took and journals. They are supposedly the first to retrace his route by canoe. I dont have the website but im sure you can find it by searching.


Which book are you referring to?
Dear Paddletothesea,

I wonder if the book you are referring to is LURE OF THE LABRADOR WILD which is Dillon Wallace’s book on the 1903 trip by Leonidas Hubbard, George Elson and himself, which resulted in the tragic death by starvation of Hubbard. The manuscript which we’ve put on the internet is on the 1913 trip Wallace made to the site of Hubbard’s death. Could you please confirm which book you are referring to?

The article I think you are referring to, recently appeared in Paddler Magazine by Jim Niedbalski on the trip in 2003 by Jim, Troy Gipps, Carolyn Scully and Brad Bassi from North West River to Ungava Bay. It was the first team to have redone the trip in one shot in 100 years, but they went by the Susan River which the 1903 team took by accident, rather than the Naskaupi River which they had intended to take.