Map placement while kayaking

For slow river and warm weather kayak paddling where do you keep your map? Do you have it on the deck of your kayak, in your pocket, around your neck, between your legs…?

If I need a map or chart accessible, I’ll copy it, laminate it, and put it on the fore deck and often times have a grease pencil handy for making notations on it or even on the deck of my kayak.


Under the bungee

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in front of the cockpit........... but that won't work if you paddle one of those kayaks with loooooong cockpit openings, chart would be too far from you. What do you paddle?

Prijon Capri Tour…about to take that bad boy on a six day paddle on the Current River.

I keep mine in a waterproof clear…
map pouch right in front of me on the deck with the edge of it tucked under my home made wedge shaped GPS holder.

The GPS holder has one bungee running through the center of it and has plastic hooks that attach to my two safety lines on each side.

I always orient the map in the direction that I am going.

Have a great trip



In my PFD pocket
I print out a copy of the trail from Terrain Navigator then spray it with a Thompson’s or one of the other watersealers. A couple of coats dies in minutes. Able to write on the map with pencil, ink, or grease pencil and easily folds up and is out of the way when not needed.


for more challengind conditions
you can blue the hook part of velcro to your skirt to grab the loop end of vlecro on a chartcase or laminated chart to hold the near end of a chart really close.

Right O’
As Peter says, best to figure a way for when not if rough waters occur.

I hinge my map case on front of cockpit bungie so I can flip it over and secure at four corners under other bungie or flip back and read it IN MY LAP, with velcor tabs holding it. Maybe this is the same as Peter is saying. At any rate, NOT generally a good idea to just velcro it to spray skirt as when in a capsize exit re-entry, it may get in the way or knocked off.