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Just curious a bit. I’ve been enjoying this site since the early 2010s and contributing to the map pretty often. When I learn from a fellow paddler that somethings missing or not on the map, I ask them to please add it. Usually, they don’t and I end up adding it. Now I know you wouldn’t want things to become a competition by posting contibution stats, but I am curious to know how many launches I have added over the years. Any secret button on the site to find that out?

I think with the switch to from and the revised forum software, the structure of the map reports was changed. I tried a search using your handle but it didn’t work. Maybe @brian would know if there’s an easy way.

Hey there. Thanks for taking a shot at looking. I remember that changeover and the site feel sure was different. It still handled map additions fine, so I didn’t dig any deeper into things. Was just curious.

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Hi there. Hope I’m not hijacking this thread. If I am, pls let me know.

New to paddling,com and noticed that there are many public wharves in my area that are not listed as paddling locations. I’d like to add them but was wondering if there is some criteria that are not being met that would lead to them not being listed. I’ve used them with no issues.

Welcome, flanalan. Only reason they’re not listed is because no one has added them. You’ll be doing paddlers a service by noting new launch sites. Thanks!

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Tks! There’s a lot of beaches listed where paddlers can put in but no wharves so I wasn’t sure.

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What he said - add away, brother! Share all the public places you know.

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Hey @Imaginos - one of the things we lost in the move from to was authorship of the folks that added the locations. We were really bummed by it as we are so grateful to everyone that has added them over the years.

Please add any locations that are missing!

That’s a bummer, but no biggie. Appreciate you guys keeping this up for all of us who like to open the map and find new places to explore. Especially when roaming far from home.