Mapping Software for a Mac

I just switched to a Macbook Pro. Any advice on mapping software to use with my Garmin Map76S? I checked the archives and haven’t seen anything on this in the past year.

Try this link

You may find some helpful info. Looks like some MAC support is available.

on switching to a great machine.

I’m looking for some good software as well. I’ll keep an eye on the thread for the answers.

There isn’t much out there
There are some opensource tools that will let you load data back and forth between the mac and gps. GPSVisualizer is all web based and will do some cool tricks and has some Google Earth Features.

Garmin has announced that they would start supporting the mac, but nothing has come from that yet.

A few to check.
Check out:

I have an older version of this. It works pretty well for setting routes & waypoints and tranferring track logs from the GPS. Dealing with maps I find a little clunky, but usable.

Marine oriented. I haven’t used it, but it looks VERY good.

I used this a LONG time ago - before OS X. It went stagnant for a number of years. Looks like the developer has cranked up again and added a LOT of features.

I don’t know anything about this. Just found it via Google.

A blog posting listing a whole bunch of Mac GPS software.

Hope that helps.

  • Jasen.

I’ll offer support for Mac GPSPro. I’ve used it for several years and it has most of the functionality I need. Frequent updates and very good e-mail support. Plus they sell calibrated digital topo maps and Mac-specific cables and adaptors.

Thanks for Mac gps info
Just got back from Wabakimi and MN and am pleased to see the good information provided. Thanks a lot everyone. It’ll be fun following up on this.