Maps or charts?

Where do folks usually find good navigational maps? I’d like to get one for my local river.


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... i usually start with a Google search, If you have a specific piece of water in mind , try typing in "XXXXXX River( or Lake) map" or just a generic name like " nautical maps" If all you want is the course of the river , USGA topo maps will suffice. If you are looking for depth of a piece of water, that gets a little bit more difficult map to find. Try local paddling clubs for info. Some fishing stores/boating stores frequently have nautical maps. If you would post a specific name of the river/area , maybe another P-netter might be able to direct you to a local store. good luck

Try your local outfitter and maybe EMS or REI

what river (and state - MA ??) …
… how much detail are you interested in ??

Charts that show maximum detail for a river (if the one you want is published) , will only show sections of the river as opposed to the intire river . That would mean many sequential charts to cover the rivers full length .

Maybe you just want part of the river in higher detail ??

fish n map company
they make maps with underwater countours for a lot of western states.

Newer ones even have GPS coordinates on them.

Their one problem is that they, like all maps, are best-guess so be careful.

BUT, with fish-n-map charts (waterproof paper) because you have UNDERWATER contours, I check the local water level, photocopy the map and draw the new shoreline atthe current water level.

another thought
If I go to that lake or river often, I buy a USGS topo map, write all my important notes on it (GPS, put-in, what is really there, etc) take it to the local print-shop and have that part laminated so it is waterproof.

West Marine stores…
I picked up an excellent sprial bound book of charts at West Marine in CT that covered the long island, conn, RI, and Mass shoreline as well as many navigable rivers. It is intended for power boaters, but I found the charts to be extremely well detailed and useful. I photocopy the sections I need, for instance I have charts for the CT River all the way up to the Enfield Dam (+/- 50 miles). It includes depths, submerged obstacles and several navigable rivers that empty in to the CT River. I put the pages in plastic baggies and bring along the ones I need for the trip. It’s called “Embassy Guides” by Maptech. I have the Long Island Sound edition which covers New York Harbour to Block Island.

Ken, you are very close to me. I often paddle parts of the Three Mile River. You cannot beat this guy in Providence, his name is Andy. He will get you anything you want, anywhere in the world. Old fashioned brick and mortar shop right down the road from you. Good luck.


Delaware River Basin Commission

I appreciate all of the responses. I actually live right on the Taunton river in MA. I can put in right from my yard…it’s so cool.