Maquoketa river

Tomorrow I’m headed out to the Maquoketa River. This will be the first time I have paddled with a group. I assume they leave all the boats at the beginning then drive to the finish and then ride back.
Looks like about ten or more people have signed up.

I am a little nervous about going with a group. I have very little experience with this so it will all be a new learning experence. I am looking forward to it.
The weather should be fantastic

The Maquoketa is generally an easy river. If you are going with that many other people you should have plenty of support. The thing to watch out for are strainers - trees that have fallen in the water that let water through but not things like boats and people. Strainers are generally on the outside bed of a curve, so stay to the inside. Let experienced paddlers lead the way, and be honest with the other paddlers about your skill level. Have a great day!

I will definitely tell them I am clueless.
I did go out today on a lake to practice getting in and out and turning. I have that down now. I even got in and out from a dock. It was easy and now I have a little more confidence. The 140 Kestral is ROCK solid . I do not think it is going to tip over very easy. And it is very fast. It really glides along.

What a fantastic time. About 15 people all very nice and welcoming.
We had a 5 hour drift down a very scenic river with perfect weather.
I think I may be jaded now. I don’t think it can’t get much better than this.

Thanks for keeping us posted and glad you had such a great time. And the more you paddle, the better it gets!