Marathon Canoe Bailer

When I look at classifieds I notice many marathon boats are advertised with “bailers”. Probably not a hacked up bleach bottle huh?

I noticed one add mentioned a “siphon bailer”. That piqued my curiosity.

Can anyone tell me what these bailers are and how they work?



It is in the floor of the boat and is spring loaded. You step on it to open it, and make sure you have some speed up so it will suck out any water.

It acts just like the ones that are in the stern of a power boat, that you unplug while in motion.

We have them in our C-2 competion cruiser and also in my J-191.

I have been chicken to try them out. I always hav this fear that it will stick open.

Maybe next summer in some nice warm water I’ll give it a try.




Anybody know where I could see a picture or two of these things?



J&J Canoe
If you go to the J&J Canoe website,, under accessories, go to the bottom of the page and the last picture has a bailer way back on the right.

canoe bailers
I use mine a lot. You definitely have to be going a decent bit faster than the current for the bailer to work.

Hey Tommy,

Is the bailer for your Sea 1? I believe we just received some at work. I can check it out tomorrow if you like. I may end up putting one in my Sea 1 as well.

Cheers…Joe O’