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I’m planning on paddling around Kice and Dickman islands this March.

After doing a bit of research on the web it seems there are the following hazards:

  1. Strong currents/tides when crossing Caxambas Pass

  2. Lots of big sharks around Cape Romano.

    I’m familiar with the Naples/Estero area and never had a problem with the above. I’m planning to do some day trips with my daughter (11yrs old w/11.5ft SOT kayak). I’ll be taking my 18ft Valley Nordkapp.

    I’m just interested in having a good safe time with my daughter. Any feedback is appreciated!

My thoughts
As one who paddles south Florida and the Keys, I think that taking an eleven year old on a SOT or a SINK through any of the cuts where there are strong tidal currents is a mistake.

The tides rounding points or meeting each other can be nice and calm or they can be like a washing machine depending on lots of factors.

If you enter one at the wrong time and she goes over, you will have a terrible time trying to help her.

On the Sharks: there are big ones and small ones all over the Atlantic and the Gulf.

I would not worry about them. We have encountered many large ones and never had a problem.

I posted a picture on here about ten years ago from web shots that my wife took of one that had a fin at least a foot out of the water coming right at my boat.

It came between her kayak and mine and when it was right beside me, I could see that it was as long as my boat. My boat at the time was a 17 foot Eclipse.

When it realized it was between the two of us it took off like a shot.

Worry about the currents, but not the sharks!

Jack L


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normal girl maybe not strong enough for the current, against the current.

that's the Caxambas situation if not the usual traffic flow. Fast boats are Darwinian but there's no shortage of new fast boat drun....owners.

The loop below Collier Seminole is an out with the
tide down thru the lake, a vulture rookery, then around the 1000 Islands and up the river on your
right/south with the tide.

Girl Scout level with Dad and GPS. tough girl scout.

Did that with camping at Grocery Point during a cold full moon with tides running out and in.AAA

Grummans are rented at CSSP

A biggie would be St James Island near Fort Myers around to Cayo Costa with a vehicle pickup at Cayo. Bay to Open Ocean. very educational OH WOW !
Bail out available at the point.

Try tuning into the area thru repeated visits into NOAA NWS land and marine forecasts.


WEATHER here cycles as fronts pass thru. See Flamingo to Long Key here in Padnet ‘places to paddle.’

I recently posted this on another forum
in regards to Marco Island

If you look on our Google web site:

Go to the “Northern Everglades, 10,000Islands”.

The first ten trips there are in the general vicinity of Marco, and then down a little farther, there are a couple for the Rookery Bay Estuarine Reserve.

Jack L

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As a backcountry fishing guide in Naples and Marco for many years I'm familiar with the waters and the conditions. I wouldn't worry about the tides or the sharks. Tides may be strong if it's a full or new moon but nothing to worry about. They won't take you out to sea and the sharks, doughtful you'll see any and they're not aggressive towards kayaks or people for that matter. Watch out for boats though. You'll have a great trip. Check out the white pelicans in Morgan Bay. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you
If the tides/currents are anything like Wiggins Pass up around Bonita Springs, it shouldn’t be a problem. I kind of expect the same “paddling experience” in the area south of Marco.

In terms of sharks, I know they’re there (Bull, Tiger, Great Hammerhead)I just got worried when locals on two different web pages refer to “big sharks” and “shark alley” around Cape Romano. In the Great Lakes you just worry about drowning and hypothermia!

sharks ?
I doahn read local news but here

National news occasionally reports on the occasional shark conference below the Big Bend at south Appalachee Bay northern Waccassa bay.

I was warned of sharks Before swimming Wiggins Pass.

Water off the Sanibel causeway/Big Carlos Bay will carry a yak out to sea if you are un-attentive. Prob Charlotte Harbor also…more volume.

Paddling to the dome homes at Cape Romano is for an experienced paddler only. Time the tides right (ride them out, ride it in) and have a picnic or a break for an hour or so while the tides switch. There are a few great spots near the dome homes like las chance island and morgan pass where you can pass time by shelling. I would not worry about sharks, there have been just a small handful of minor attacks on Marco Island in 30 years. If you need any more advice, please contact Paddle Marco.