Marias & Milk River Trips

I have been planning a trip from May 28 through June 10 trip to either Montana and the Marias-Upper Missouri or crossing the border to Canada and paddling the Milk River. I have paddled the Upper Missori before in early June so I am familiar with the Hole in the Wall and Breaks areas of the river. I have not paddled either the Marias or Milk Rivers before and would appreciate any information others might have on the two. I am aware that both rivers will be at maximum flow and temperatures will still be cold at night this early in the season. Am also aware of the high winds and lightning storms that frequent the areas at this time of year. Need some comparison of terrain, and vegetation along the rivers, possible snags, or other obstacles in the rivers. I am also concerned about camping areas. Want to avoid trespassing on private lands. Also concerned about water sources. Will I need to filter river water or bring five gal. of water in a container as opposed to spring or well water? Are there pull outs in canyon areas or long stretches where swimming would not be a desireable event if the canoe capsizes?

I am planning this trip as a solo outing of eight days on the water. With my Navarro 16’ Cedar & Fiberglass Canoe I average about 35 miles a day. Have done as high as fifty miles in a day on a river with 6mph flow.

Any infor appreciated!

Not sure about the upper Milk
but from Havre on down it is like the Missouri (muddy) carry your water. I think most of the area is private land too, not much public land like the Missouri.

Milk River

If I run the Milk River it will be from the Canadian Side of the border well above Havre near Writing on Stone Prov. Park. I suspect that the water will still be very muddy as most of the rivers in Eastern Montana are. Thanks for your info.